What you eat…

It is estimated that 30-40% of cancers are thought to be preventable by lifestyle or nutritional changes, so its no surprise that whatever we invest or consume has a great effect on our health. (Donaldson 2004)

The best type of medicine is food, and the best type of treatment is prevention. We live in a society that stigmatizes food, labeling it as “bad” or “good” when in reality this dichotomy does more harm than good as it narrows down options to people without good concept of nutrition.

If our body is able to absorb nutrients from it, its is food and should be treated as such. Pizza can be labeled as “bad” but for someone with a caloric deficit pizza can be the perfect meal to reach their caloric goals. Hydrogenated oils and saturated fats are the most harmful constituents of food, and these should for the most part be kept to a minimum. But all others can be added to a diet in small, VARIED amounts through the week.

I think the main problem is people don’t know what to eat, and HOW MUCH OF IT to eat.

In fact, we have a big epidemic in the US of people not realizing their bagged candy has 3 servings before eating it all.71eg+mr5CxL._SL1244_


Its so important to read how many servings there are per container, and you’d be surprised how much more you’re consuming.

The key to a healthy diet really is a little bit of everything. Enjoy your ice cream, but keep in mind how much of it to eat.

Keeping in mind what you’re putting into your body is so important in having a healthy life, so remember that before you sit down in front of a platter of fried pork skin. You can eat it, but balance out all the fat you just ate by eating something low in fat, high in fiber like a salad. Nutritional changes, along with cessation of smoking and exercise are key to good health.



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