Acanthosis what?

Being that weight management is a very real issue to a large number of Americans, we should not only to lose the weight but also to “get to the root of it” and treat things in a preventative measure. Given that 28% of people living with diabetes are undiagnosed, the sooner we know this the less likely they will face more difficult treatments. (CDC 2014) I thought diabetes was a hidden disease, but I was kind of amazed to know there is an INDICATOR or insulin resistance that could lead to Type II diabetes.



Unknown-1.jpegAcanthosis Nigricans (AN) can be present in people that have developed insulin resistance. Resistance in the long run causes your cells to not be able to take up glucose, leading to type II diabetes. AN is a condition that in multiple studies is shown to be an indicator of diabetes risk-factors. This shows as a dark, “dirty” looking spot along the folds of the back of the neck, armpits and groin. (Koh 2016)(Bahadursingh 2014) (Kong 2010) (Harding 2006)

Diabetes is a common chronic condition that can affect every vessel of your body. The sooner we know that someone is DIABETIC or PREDIABETIC the sooner we can start treatment. The best way to screen for Type II diabetes in my opinion is the A1C test, although there are other ways. It takes the average blood glucose count of your red blood cells for the past 100-120 days you compare it to a chart that informs you where you fall in the diabetic spectrum. (Click here on some more information about the test)


There are other causes for AN including genetic, endocrine and rare types of cancers. Acanthosis Nigricans is NOT a definite sign to diabetes, rather it raises the question of when your last A1C or average blood glucose level count was. And if you’re like lolwut then get it checked!


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