Anatomy of the heart

17917861_10213491621747557_7123722107859661082_o Have you always wanted a heart to put on your wall? maybe you know a doctor with an empty wall and you want to get them a piece of art? Nows your chance.

I can make it in watercolor, pen or color pencil on heavy watercolor paper.

I will only make 8 of these!

11×17 in. Edition size 8. $35 + shipping (USA only for now)




IMG_5282 Living in Orlando, Juan Camilo Rivera has had many opportunities to reach out to the local community artistic hang outs around town and showcase his work. 

His oil paintings have been exhibited in the following:


Faiths Arts Village of Orlando, Orange County Public Library, Woodstock Bar, Phantom Bar, Achilles Art Cafe, and his most memorable one yet was at the Orlando Museum of Art on September 2016 where he won People’s Choice Award for his Pulse-memorial piece. 

Thanks for your interest in my art!


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