Vitamin D, calcium and the sun

We all know it is important to meet your daily needs for all of the vitamins and minerals, and whenever possible these should be rated from foods rather than supplementation (pills and powders.) Calcium, amongst many other minerals is key to prevention of bone loss and osteoporosis as a person ages.


Calcium is key as bones and teeth are made of the substance, and eating calcium early on is key to a long and healthy bone-life. Good sources of calcium are dairy products, but you can also eat collard greens, turnip, arugula, kale, spinach, okra, mustard greens, or any other DARK LEAFY green. Fortified orange juice will also be a good source of Calcium. Sardines are an excellent source of Calcium, however you must be careful to eat sardines WITH BONES. The bones in the sardines are small enough you won’t notice them, and it can easily lacinato-kale-horizontalaccount for 20% of your daily recommended value of Calcium.

Want to keep your bones strong?

Drink your milk every morning (30% of daily value) or eat plenty of  dark leafy greens or sardines. Find your favorite source of calcium and find ways to incorporate it in your diet! But along with what you gardeningeat, the SUN can have tremendous impacts on how your body absorbs calcium. According to a report from Harvard Medical School, 5-30 min walk twice a week is enough for your body to make Vitamin D from skin exposure. However they do warn of prolonged exposure to the sun as a cause for skin cancer. Harvard Health

It’s interesting to note that about 95% of Vitamin D production is halted when SPF 15< sunscreen is applied before exposure, so what I would suggest is being outside for 10-15 mins, and if you’re staying out in the sun even longer whip out the sunscreen.


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